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As a Senior Technical Game Designer, you’ll be working in open design spaces to help define the direction of an exciting new gaming experience. As a Technical Designer specializing in systems and combat, you will be responsible for implementing rich features that will delight players around the world and keep them engaged.


As a Senior Technical Game Designer within Research & Development, you’ll design and implement both in-game features and tools on an unannounced project. You will be at the forefront of implementing new features that unlock and improve the efficiency of design across the project. 


You will work with interdisciplinary teams, contributing and translating feedback to iterate player-focused designs to delight millions around the world. You will report to the Game Design Lead.


While this is a game design role - the requirements also include significant engineering competency.


  • Design and explain a variety of possible solutions, including the tradeoffs between them, to the team and collaboratively reach the best solution
  • Work with design and product leaderships to prototype new design spaces and opportunities
  • Create tools and improve pipelines that amplify the quality and velocity of your fellow designers
  • Be the "go to" person for complex implementations of design content, and for shepherding projects that require heavy programmer/designer interaction

Required Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in professional Game Design
  • 3+ years of experience in professional Technical Game Design or Engineering
  • Experience leading development on features in a rapid development environment
  • Experience in Unreal game engine

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience designing and implementing systems in large, ambiguous spaces
  • Deep knowledge of PvE action games and RPG games
  • Experience translating thematics into game mechanics











  • 设计并为团队解释各种可能的解决方案,包括各种解决方案的优劣势,一同商榷最佳解决方案
  • 和策划及产品主要负责人一起,通过搭建原型验证的方式探索新的设计方向和产品机会
  • 创建工具、改进管线,以提升策划同事的工作质量和效率
  • 成为实现起来复杂度较高的设计内容的首选人员,引领需要大量程序与策划配合的任务



  • 5年以上的专业游戏策划经验
  • 3年以上的专业技术策划或程序经验
  • 在快速开发环境中引领功能开发的经验
  • 虚幻引擎的经验


  • 在广阔而模糊的空间中设计和实现系统的经验
  • 对PvE动作游戏和RPG游戏的深度了解
  • 将设计概念转变成游戏机制的经验